Who is Delivering your Agile and Scrum Training?

checkmarkguyOne piece of feedback that my team and I consistently receive in our classes is about the real world aspect of it.  We hear comments such as “appreciated all the real world case studies” and “thank you for all of the examples on how this could be applied”.

There are so many “trainers” and training companies trying to ride the Agile and Scrum wave right now who have no practical or actual experience working in the field with these methods.  They have put together curriculum based on what they have read in books or on the internet.

Adopting or transforming with Agile and Scrum is a journey.  It is not a destination.  So how can someone teach this without having experienced it or without continuously improving upon it first hand?  The team at Aequitas all has spent time in ScrumMaster, Product Owner and Team member roles in addition to helping companies adopt and even transform with Agile and Scrum.

To learn more, visit our Upcoming Course page or join us for Mike Stuedemann’s PMI-MN Agile Community of Practice presentation March 17th, visit pmi-mn.org for more details.

What About the Scrum Product Owner?

Scrum Product OwnerWhat about the Product Owner?

The Agile Manifesto tells us “Business people and developers must work together daily throughout the project”.  This is one of the most common reasons that I see Agile adoptions or Scrum adoptions fail.  There is nobody giving direction to the Team.

In Scrum this role is referred to as the Product Owner.  We are not asking that person to abandon their “day job”.  What they DO for their day job makes them the RIGHT Product Owner if you have selected wisely.  The Team delivering the product or service should not be forced to guess on business value, priority, etc.  This is the job of our business partners.  The one voice giving direction to the Team is the Product Owner.

Join us for Certified Scrum Product Owner training February 10 and 11 in the Minneapolis West End to learn more:  https://www.cprime.com/training/event-registration/?ee=1029

Our first Scrum Day Twin Cities was an enormous success!

angelaOur first Scrum Day Twin Cities was an enormous success! People from organizations all over Minnesota gathered to learn from our talented presenters as well as each other.
Harvey Robbins kicked us off by talking about the Softer Side of Agile and got us into the art and science of teams working together. He lead us through identifying dominate characteristics so that there is awareness and understanding about how to communicate with each other more effectively.

We discussed characteristics of high performing teams which affirmed the Scrum practice of leaving the team 100% dedicated as their performance will continue to increase. New work can be brought to the Team, but is not advisable to split the team up if the intent is to deliver business value faster.
If you can’t wait until our next Scrum Day in 2014, please join us for a Certified ScrumMaster Course or the next PMI-MN Agile Practitioner Community meeting. January 20, 2014 at 5:30pm the Agile Practitioner Community will be discussing Scrum in Hardware or Non Software Environments. Event info is available at pmi-mn.org.